Shoe Fitting 101:

Chris’ shoe fitting 101:

Step 1. Measure your feet: Remember that your foot size and shoe size will most likely be different. We will help you understand the proper fit. brannock_size_img

Step 2. Define your foot and arch type: What type of arch do you have? high/normal/low, rigid/flexible?

currexsole guide

Step 3. Pronation: We all pronate, but how much/little do you?

Step 4. Let us know what activity the shoes will be used for. Are you strictly running in them? Using them for a little running and an occasional zumba class? Maybe they are for standing still all day, all of this is helpful information in getting you fit up.


When walking/running we put 3-5x force into our feet! In a mile each foot is striking the ground on average of 800 times. That is a lot of strain put on the foot and the rest of the body, and so it is crucial to be wearing appropriate footwear.

Once we take all of these factors into consideration and hear your goals, we will get you in a shoe that will help you accomplish those goals with superior service. Chris Schmidt, owner, is a certified pedorthist and has been in the business for 30+ years. He has trained his staff to fit up all people no matter the goal and struggles they may be going through.


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